Per FCC Part 97.5(2) the club must be composed of at least four persons and must have a name, a document of organization, management, and a primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with Part 97 Rules and must supply ALL the documents listed.

We will need a copy of the following in order to process the application:

1. Document of organization containing the primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with Part 97 Rules

2. Copy of By-Laws

3. Minutes from 1st meeting and election of the Club Officers along with a list of all members (Names & Callsigns)
These Minutes MUST be signed by the Secretary and a 2nd Club Official other than the Trustee

4. Signed copy of the Trustee's license.
As a reminder, if your Trustee is the current Trustee for any other Club, he/she can not be the Trustee for this Club.
The trustee's license level must be at or above the level of the club callsign assignment group.

5.  Due to recent FCC changes, we can not longer submit applications to the FCC without an FRN.  You will need to register the Club in CORES and obtain a FRN to provide to us for this application.

DO NOT use your personal SSN to register for the Club's FRN.

Obtaining a FRN Instructions:
1.  Register as a Entity
2.  Entity Type is "Private Sector"
3.  Subtype is "Amateur Club"
4.  Entity Name is the Club Name
5.  Leave Employer Identification Number / Tax Payer Identification Number BLANK
6.  Select "Amateur Club" for reason for leaving the Identification Number blank
7.  Continue filling out the form and submit

For NEW Club applications, the FCC now charges a $35 fee.  Once your request is submitted to the FCC, they will give the application a File # and send you an email with full instruction on how to pay the fee.  You will have 10 days to submit your payment to them, or they will dismiss your request for non-payment.  If your request is dismissed, you will have to start the whole process over with a new application.

You may return the application and required documentation by email to this email address submit via Dropbox .  Please submit as PDF only.

Or mail it to ...
W5YI-VEC Club Admin
P.O. Box 260916
Plano, TX  75093

$35 FEE: New, renewal, trustee change, and vanity call sign applications. All fees will be per application.

NO FEE: Administrative updates, such as a change of name, mailing or email address, modification (sequential call sign change), or license cancellation.