August 17, 2022
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W5YI-VEC : Amateur License Renewals / Address Changes

** The W5YI-VEC Renewal/Address Change site is currently unavailable to process your request **


here or by using the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS).

**** Per the February 2015 Public Notice DA 15-72, The FCC no longer mails paper license authorizations (License Copy). The FCC has decided to go totally electronic so you will not receive a license copy in the mail from the FCC. To obtain a copy of your renewed license, please visit the FCC site http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/searchLicense.jsp

CLUB STATION LICENSE RENEWALS Club station licenses may be renewed here electronically ONLY IF there are no changes to the existing FCC license record. If there is any change such as address, trustee or name of the club, a club application must be submitted by mail or fax for processing. If you are the trustee of a club station license and need to file a modification to the club station license you can download our Club Station Application here: Club Station Application PDF

Fill out, sign and return the application to us with a copy of the station license of the trustee for processing. Please be prepared to provide copies of the organizational documents (listed above), as required by FCC rule. If you are making application for a change of trustee, change of address, or change in the name of the club, we require that supporting documentation be submitted reflecting that change. This can be minutes from a club meeting or BOD meeting where the change was voted on or approved for action on the club station license.

Amateur Radio licenses may only be renewed within 90 days of the license expiration date. Vanity call signs may be renewed online here or by using the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) To give up a vanity call sign and request a sequential call the vanity call can not expired or be in the renewal grace period. Contact our VEC Office at 800-669-9594 if you have any questions regarding license renewals.

The W5YI-VEC mails out vanity and standard license renewal notifications normally 180 days in advance of the 90 day filing window. If your address is correct in the FCC database, you should be receiving renewal applications by mail, or you may file your application here electronically for a nominal service fee. Volunteer Examiner Coordinators, such as the W5YI-VEC , have a different electronic filing system available which allows automatic registration of your call sign and electronic access to the FCC license database. Even if you have already registered, we can obtain your license information to renew your Amateur Radio operator license. We also handle mailing address changes or get a duplicate license mailed to you from the FCC.

If you file your renewal with through W5YI-VEC we handle everything, including the automatic CORES registration of your SSN/FRN with the FCC. Or you may obtain an FRN by registering on the Commission Registration System (CORES). To get there, go to http://www.fcc.gov/ and click on the FCC Registration Number (FRN) Commission Registration System (CORES) link on the left side of the FCC home page. CORES is a web-based, password-protected, registration system that assigns a unique 10-digit FCC Registration Number (FRN) for use when doing business with the FCC. The information collected generally includes your name, address, Social Security Number, telephone number and e-mail address. You can also apply for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) by completing and filing an FCC (paper) Form 160 (CORES Registration.) Mailing instructions are found on Form 160. All FCC forms can be obtained via the FCC Forms web site at www.fcc.gov/formpage.html.

Radio amateurs may renew their own license, but only within the allowed 90 day filing window, using the FCC new Universal Licensing System (ULS). But it can be confusing. You access your license record information with a password and personal security question (PSQ).

Amateur operator licenses may be renewed any time during a filing window of 90 days before license expiration and there is a 2 year grace period, in which after your license has expired, you may still renew. But your license will be cancelled on the next business day after the 2 year grace period has expired. After the 2 year "grace period" is up, your license will be cancelled by the FCC. While you can receive upgrading credit for having previously held a General Class or Extra Class license, to regain your amateur privileges you will have to retake and pass a Technician Exam. Once a new license has been granted you may be able to get your old call sign back by filing for it through the Vanity System, if it has not been reissued.

We offer a fast and much easier method of getting your license renewed or address change updated with the FCC. We accept applications for address changes anytime.

Renewals may only be submitted to us on our web site 90 days in advance of the expiration date. If an application is filed before the 90 window we will hold the application and will file it for you within the 90 day window when your expiration date becomes available.

We charge $8.00 for this online service -- You may file your application online with us electronically by clicking on the graphic link "Renew Your License Today Online" or you may print out the 2017 NCVEC 605 Form and mail it along with your remittance to : W5YI-VEC, POB 200065, Arlington, Tx 76006-0065.

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