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December 4, 2021
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Vanity Call Signs : What other people are saying...
If you want to be sure, safe and speedy in applying for, and receiving your vanity call sign, then you'll use W5YI's professional, inexpensive, and worry-free service. It's simple. It's quick. It's accurate. It's cheap and it's the smart way to cut through red tape and government BS
W5JHC (Beeville, TX)
I was always sorry that I gave up my call when I moved from Minnesota to Florida. and thanks to you, I have it back. I thank you, it was so easy and so worthwhile.
Len, N0ACD (Lady Lake, FL)
I received the call sign that was my first choice. I was very satisfied with your service, it made the whole process very easy and was well worth the money. Thanks.
John, W4JCW (Sebastion, FL)

You can add my name to your list of satisfied users of your service. My new vanity call was issued quickly, and without any problems. It was an effortless process for me - and that was especially important since I was very busy during that period. Had I not been able to let you handle the details, the call that I wanted might have slipped out of my reach. Thank you! 73
Bill, K6IFF (Claremont, CA)
In my case, your call sign service was personalized! I appreciated your phone call and follow-up. Yes, I did get the call I wanted and you guys made it painless! The web page was self explanatory and the whole process just took a few clicks!
Patrick, W9UQ (Dousman, WI)
I recently logged onto the W5YI supersite in order to request a vanity call sign. I was able to find my way around with ease. The instructions were simple and user friendly. My application was sent within 24 hrs. The folks at W5YI were quick to respond back via e-mail that my transaction had been received. I received personal service which included a link to verify new vanity requests. I also received a card thanking me for using their services. W5YI also did a follow-up to be sure all went well. Thanks to the folks at W5YI Supersite for all your help.
Max, WB5VFN (The Colony, TX
I got the call sign I was looking for, AE6CJ. Thanks for your help.
Curtis, AE6CJ (Palos Verdes Est., CA)
I was very pleased with your service. I did get the call that I wanted and was able to track the activity through the link that you suggested. Keep up the good work.
Mike, N8FI (Royal Oak, MI)
Process was transparent to me and quick.
Roger, WA3YTM (Warwick, NY)
I did get the first call I requested in record time. You guys' took the hassle off me by preparing the proper paperwork correctly the first time. Thanks again.
Bob Russo, N4BMT (Virginia Beach, VA)
After fulfilling one dream and moving to Alaska a year and a half ago, I completed another goal with the achievement of the Amateur Extra Class license. I wanted a call sign specific to Alaska. With your help, I received my first choice, AL4K, within a short while. Because it went so well, my wife and I decided to apply directly to the FCC on our own. After a couple of attempts, we applied through you again. She soon received her matching call sign, AL4D. Thank you for your assistance.
---Keith AL4K, Dani AL4D (Hoonah, AK)
I tried to do it myself but the forms were too confusing. Excellent job, Thank you.
Eric, N9ADW (Corpus Christi, TX)
Robin Marie, NG8S recommended your service to me after she tried to go through the FCC to change her call and ended up using your service because of all the confusion with the FCC.  I would gladly recommend your call sign service to anyone desiring to obtain a vanity call sign.  I was more than happy with the service and the speed in which you were able to get my call sign change accomplished. You took the confusion out of the paperwork for me and I appreciated that. I applied online to you on 6/20/01 and got my new call by 7/10/01.  I also got my first choice. 73
Gena, KM8J (Port Clinton, OK)
I want to thank you for the excellent service in obtaining my Vanity Call sign. Even with the emergency going on, the application was handled and I had my call sign within 18 days.
Bob Pursel K6ECX (San Jose, CA)
My new call sign was issued yesterday. Thank you for your great service.  A buddy of mine here is using it to change his call too. Great site! Great service! Great people!  73's
Steve Herberth, W7TQE (Austin,NV)
You recently handled my call sign change under the Vanity Call Sign Program and you did a super job - Thanks!
Jim Amick AJ4AA, (Spartanburg, SC)
Thanks so much for your help. My new call effective 19OCT01 is W8HO. Another ham applied for the same call. Thanks for your rapid action and precision, I got my first choice of 15 call signs! I credit that to your actions in submitting my application. 73 de
Frank W8HO (Bay City, MI)
I am more than satisfied, I am ecstatic. I got the call I wanted AND didn't have to muddle through the FCC website. Without any change in equipment, my success in pile ups has increased just over 40%! 73 de K0XXX, Mark (Hardy, AR)
I am very happy and enjoying my new call sign. Thanx a million.
Steve N0AHN (Aurora, CO)
The service was quick and painless. A couple of weeks after submitting an extremely simple online application, I found my new call sign listed on the FCC website. Out with the old (KG4LZU) and in with the number one choice (K4JJS). Several weeks later, my wife, Joy/KG4NSH, also applied through W5YI for a vanity call sign and within a couple of weeks received her first choice (W2JMS).
Joe K4JJS (Gloucester, VA)
It was painless and a bargain. Thanks very much. 73,
Will N2ZC (Fayetteville, NY)
Thank you for your great service! I got the call I asked for
Don, W7SSB (Reno, NV)
 I would recommend it to others. Thanks for making a confusing process, easy as 1-2-3.
Carlos Varon, K2LCV (Flushing, NY)
I was very satisfied with the service you provide. It was simple, well supported, and fast. I got the call I wanted, because I did my homework on its availability and everything worked great. Keep up the good work! 73,
Dick, K5MHF (Austin, TX)
I use the W5YI group for all my license changes -- you have a great service that takes the time and hassle out filing. Thanks. 73
Douglas, W4EGV (Orlando, FL)
It was very easy to get the vanity call sign through your service, and I got exactly the call sign I wanted. Much easier than working directly through the FCC site which is very inefficient to navigate (I tried).
Becky K6RJS (Menlo Park, CA)
I would tell anyone who wants to get a vanity call to go through you. It took all the trouble out of it. ...Very, very satisfied. Thank you for your help!
Ron W8NZZ (E. Liberty, OH)
I am very satisfied with your service - it worked out great and I got my 1st choice. Thanks again.
Bill W4CHY (Port Orange, FL)
I recommended you to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. He used your service for both he and his wife (W5STS & K5STS). I think it's great and a lot easier than dealing with the FCC/ULS web site. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Jimmy K5ECG (Rodsharon, TX)
I'm very much satisfied with your services. It's one of a kind. thanks once again.
Fred W1BIQ (Ansonia, CT)
The manner I was able to apply for the vanity call was easy and straightforward. Less than 24 hours later, I received confirmation of receipt of the application along with the date it would be filed with the FCC. Now came the hard part, waiting for the FCC. On the same day I happened to check the database, I also received a message from you all stating the application had been approved and the new call sign assigned. I just does not get an easier or better than that. 73
Dave KF4KW (Bowling Green, KY)
Job well done. My thanks to you and your staff.
Charles K4CFN (Tallahassee, FL)
I at first attempted to file for the modification myself, however after reading pages of confusing information from the ARRL and FCC websites, and after printing out pages and pages of confusing forms, I realized I would be ahead to file with W5YI, and allow them to handle the dirty work. It was handled quickly, and correctly, and without any further headaches for me.
Dan W4GEL (Cullman, AL)
Even if the direct FCC method were not so cumbersome and complicated, I would still recommend your service.  It is much more user friendly, more informative, and it provides a personal touch simply not available through the FCC's immense system. The fee is very reasonable for all the time, effort and frustration you saved me.  Let me take this opportunity to again thank you for the excellent job. 73
Hector, K6FIG (Granada Hills, CA)
I got the vanity call sign that I wanted. I was impressed with how easy it was for me to enter in some key information and have the rest done by your people. I was equally impressed that I wasn't charged until my application was accepted by the FCC. Thank you again for doing the job I didn't want to do.
Louie N7LUE (Murray, UT)
Thanks for everything. I was able to retrieve my old call without a hitch; especially nice when someone explains the process in simple terms.
George N4IAU (Tavernier FL)
It was easy and I got the callsign I wanted. Thank you !
Bruce W4MCQ (Canton, GA)
I was very satisfied with your vanity service and obtained the call of my choice. Thanks,
Paul W4DOA (Jackson, KY)

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