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December 4, 2021
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Vanity Call Signs FAQ : Vanity Call Signs FAQ

The W5YI Group has helped thousands of amateurs and Clubs obtain a vanity call signs.

Getting the Vanity call sign you want is not easy. Although you can do it yourself, getting a new vanity station call sign ican be a complicated procedure. It involves understanding all the different rules, restrictions and procedures that apply to vanity applications and then either properly filing the application online or filing a paper FCC Form 605 and a Form 159 Remittance Advice with the FCC by mail. Almost 95% of all vanity applications are filed online to speed up the application and payment process and to insure your application is filed timely based upon call sign availability.

We can help you get the call sign of your choice, if it is available for assignment. We understand the dozens of different rules, restrictions and procedures that apply to vanity applications. If you want us to handle everything for you, we offer a complete $29.95 filing service. Once your vanity application has been filed with the FCC, it takes about 18-20 days for the FCC to process the application and issue your new call sign.

IMPORTANT ! - If your license has expired or you have moved and need to file a change of address, you must submit the license renewal or address change BEFORE you submit the vanity application.  You can file your renewal or address change also with us on our website here or call us at 800-669-9594 if you need assistance or have additional questions


(1.) Your FCC license record is password protected. In order to file a vanity call sign application on your behalf you must supply us your FCC records password or authorize the FCC to allow us to reset your password. If you do not know the password that protects your FCC record, enter the word "Unknown" in the ULS Password box on the application form.  This will allow us to reset your password through an online request process provided by the FCC for that purpose.
Contact us with any questions regarding passwords or your application at: vanitycalls@w5yi.org

The questions...
IMPORTANT: Read this section before you access our online Vanity Application Form especially if you are applying for a 1-by-2 or 2-by-1 call sign format. (See last question)

What is a "Vanity" station call sign?

Who is eligible to select a Vanity station call sign?

What are call sign "Groups" and how does it impact the Vanity Call Sign System?

What Vanity call signs may Novice operators choose?

What Vanity call signs may Technician, Tech Plus or General Class operators (or club trustees) choose?

What Vanity call signs may Advanced Class operators (or club trustees) choose?

What Vanity call signs may Amateur Extra Class operators (or club trustees) choose?

What call signs are not available to the Vanity Call Sign System?

May I renew or change my name or address at the same time I apply for a Vanity call sign?

How do I determine what Vanity call signs are available to me?

How do I get my old call sign back?

How do I obtain the call sign of a deceased relative?

How can our club obtain a Vanity call sign for our club station?

How does our club apply for the call sign of a deceased club member?

How does a foreign radioamateur with a U.S. (FCC-issued) Amateur Radio license renew their license or obtain a Vanity call sign when they do not have a Social Security Number (SSN)?

How can I get a 1-by-2 or 2-by-1 (Group A - Extra Class) call sign?

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